Past events

1.   online 3-day course at Sao Paulo, Brazil, Network meta-analysis: theory and practice, 7th-9th August

2.   3-day network meta-analysis course at Galway, Ireland, 26th-28th April (Decription)

3.   3-day network meta-analysis course at Biarritz, France, May 2022 (Decription)

4.   Network metaanalysis: from planning to publication, Paris, France, December 2019 (Decription)

5.   Seminars at the Epidemiology and Population Health Summer Institute at Columbia University  on Network metaanalysis, Metaanalysis of observational studies, and Systematic Reviews, New York, US, 2017-2020

6.   Seminar on the online application CINeMA (Confidence in Network Meta-Analysis) in the GRADE workshop organized by Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz and Brazilian Ministry of Health, Brasilia, Brazil, April 2019